18 By 42 Splash Pools Above Ground Pool Review

Pros: In short, if you want a sturdy pool that is going to take a beating from kids and the weather then this is a strong choice, with solid sides and liners.

The skimmer included with this pool also does a good job of keeping it free of debris, better than most skimmers included with other pools.

Cons: Putting this pool together is more difficult than others of a similar price and size, especially getting the liners and sides to stay upright, so be warned.

The pool you get may also not have the same pattern as the one shown, according to other customers.

Having an in ground pool installed can be time consuming and very costly, but an above ground pool is an option for almost everyone with a backyard.  The Splash Pools Above Ground Round Pool Package is an excellent choice if you are in the market.

Features of the Splash Pools Above Ground Round Pool

The Splash Pools package is a terrific way to provide you and your family with a lovely refreshing swim at the end of a hot day.

  • This package comes equipped with everything you will need for your very own backyard vacation spot.
  • It includes painted galvanized steel parts that are hot-dipped for additional strength.
  • The 20 gauge vinyl lining is designed to be all weather and can withstand daily use year round.
  • It even comes with an A-frame resin ladder and a safety barrier for safe family fun.
  • The package also includes a one horsepower sand filter.
  • There are several sizes to choose from, all of which are 52 inches deep: 18 feet, 24 feet, 27 feet, and 30 feet. (Take measurements of your space so that you know what circumference to get.)

What are some of the advantages of above group pools?

There are a number of benefits to an above ground pool versus an in ground installation, all of which make this a very approachable addition to your house.  Here are just a few.

  • Above ground pools cost a fraction of what you will pay for an in ground installation.
  • Speaking of installation, this is the easy way to go by leaps and bounds.  It can usually be done with one or two people and can be completed within just a day or so.
  • The flexibility is unmatched.  You can place it nearly anywhere in your backyard.
  • Likewise, you can also disassemble the pool if you need the backyard space or decide not to use it for a time period.
  • And it certainly takes up less space that an in ground pool would occupy.
  • Many above ground pools have all of the same features such as diving boards or steps that would be available in an in ground model.
  • Depending on your individual set-up and design, an above ground pool can be noticeably safer than an in ground pool since there is less likelihood of small children falling in.
  • And for mom and dad, an above ground pool is considerably easier to maintain because you will use less chemicals and less water.

How much easier could it be to give yourself and your family the gift of a summer full of fun and relaxation?  The Splash Pools Above Ground Round Pool Package is the perfect addition to your backyard so get yours today and get the swimsuit ready.

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