Baracuda G3 W03000 Review

The Baracuda G3 W03000 is one of the most proficient pool cleaners on the market.

The W03000 is filled with the suction power needed to clean pools of all depths, yet this model has an anti-stick design to ensure that it can traverse steps and ladders with ease.

et’s delve deeper into the features seen with the W03000.

Standout Features

  • Noise: The frequent loud noise seen with most pool cleaners is not present with this model. An ultra-quiet design ensures that when your pool is being cleaned, noise levels are kept to a minimum.
  • Design: An anti-stick design allows the G3 to clean a pool with immense suction power without ever getting stuck in the process.
  • Smart: The Baracuda G3 can easily traverse steps and ladders and never gets stuck on corners.
  • Hose: A long-life hose is provided which is both long and durable. There is a 2-year warranty placed on the hose.
  • Warranty: a 1-year warranty is provided on all defects including wear and tear.

Strong Points

Meant for in-ground pools, this model is able to produce the utmost in cleaning without much maintenance in the process. There is only one moving part which means there is less opportunity for any functional part of the pool cleaner to break. There is also a quick release seen which makes replacement or repair a breeze when an issue does arise.

When put to the test, the W03000 is able to remove virtually all debris seen within a pool. The following items were quickly removed by this cleaner:

  • Dead bugs – both large and small
  • Twigs
  • Leaves and berries
  • Small pebbles

The suction power seen allows for a thorough cleaning, and most debris that makes its way into your pool will be removed with ease.

The anti-stick design is definitely a major bonus and one of the reasons this model has been rated so highly. While most pool cleaners get stuck, this model can maneuver its way around stairs, corners and the entirety of your pool without having to be readjusted.

Minor Faults

With the good comes the bad. There are some minor issues seen with this model that every pool owner should know before making a purchase.

  • Diaphragm breaks. After 2 or so years of usage, the diaphragm will break and need to be replaced. Sometimes this is a small crack or a hole that has formed. This will require users to purchase a replacement part and swap it out to continue cleaning their pool.
  • Some drains are impossible. There are certain drain types where this cleaner seemingly gets stuck. This has been improved greatly with newer models, but it is a problem with certain drains.

If your diaphragm is breaking more often, you will want to adjust the suction power through the hose. This will alleviate most premature breaking issues seen.

The Baracuda G3 W03000 is a top-notch pool cleaner that will clean both the floor and sides of an in-ground pool with precision. While some minor issues exist, this model can last years without having to buy replacement parts and provides one of the best pool sweepings on the market.

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