Best Automatic Pool Cleaner Reviews

Cleaning a swimming pool can be very time consuming, so it’s important to get the right equipment for the job, however with so many automatic pool cleaners available, it is not always easy to find the right one for your pool.

Here we have assembled some of the most popular and highly rated automatic pool cleaners, with a wide range of prices to suit any budget.

Our Top Automatic Pool Cleaners:

Knowing the Different Types of Automatic Pool Cleaner

If you are a new pool owner then it’s important to know what type of automatic pool cleaner you will need, because there are different types of cleaner depending on how your pool pump system is setup. With this in mind, there are 3 main types of auto pool cleaner.

Suction Side Pool Cleaner

This is the most common type of automatic pool cleaner, and is used in both in-ground and above ground pools. They work by connecting up to your pools filter system and using the suction power of it to propel itself around the bottom of the pool and even up the walls.

Depending on your pool, and whether you are familiar with the layout of the pump system for your pool, you can either attach these cleaners directly to the plumbing of your system, or to the side ports which are seen on most newer pools, that are designed specifically for attaching such devices. Once setup, suction side pool cleaners will suck up any dirt and debris and pipe it to the filter system of the pool. This type of auto pool cleaner is great for cleaning corners and hard to reach areas of the pool because most don’t have wheels, which many other types come with.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are the newest type of automatic pool vacuums that have become more popular in the last few years, and more affordable. They are much easier to setup than the other two types of pool cleaners, and you won’t have to worry about connecting it to the existing pump/ filter system.

The only thing you will need to do with this machine is plug it in, put the robot into the pool and switch it on, then just let it do its thing. It works using an internal electric powered pump/motor to propel itself around the bottom of the pool. All the larger debris that it picks up is collected into a filter bag and smaller debris will be filtered into cartridges, so it will need to be emptied every now and then.

The best thing about robotic cleaners in my opinion is that they can customize their cleaning patterns by ‘learning’ the size, shape and layout of your pool, which includes steps, lights and any other objects in or around the edge of the pool. They use an on-board computer to paired with sensors on the robot to navigate around the pool, and most are capable of turning themselves on and off according to preset schedules that can be set by the user.

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

The final type of automatic pool cleaner makes use of water pressure rather than suction, as with the suction cleaners mentioned above. Pressure side pool cleaners are a type of pool cleaner that makes use of the side pressure ports, you know, the stream of fast flowing water that can give you a bit of a surprise when you first swim past it. That is the water returning to the pool under pressure after travelling through the pump/filter system, and it is used to power/move the cleaner.

Pressure side pool cleaners have the advantage of not passing debris to the pool filter, which is good if you want to minimize the workload of your filter, especially if you have to buy cartridges for it. With a pressure cleaner the debris will be vacuumed up into a filter bag attached to it, which just needs emptying when it gets full.

The downside to having a pressure side pool cleaner is that it may require a booster pump for it to function well, which depends on how powerful your pool filter pump is, and the size of your pool.

Best Automatic Pool Cleaner Reviews

Pentair Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Above Ground Pool Cleaner

This is a great little cleaner that has proven to be very popular with above ground pool owners. It brushes and vacuums, which sets it apart from most other suction side cleaners, which only rely on suction power alone.

My favourite thing about this model is that it comes with its very own vortex chamber, yes, not only does it sound cool but makes this cleaner very efficient and durable. The increased durability is due to the reduced number of moving parts compared to other auto cleaners and it has a double ring of nylon bristles that really gets into all the hard to reach areas.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 Pressure Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Polaris 65 is a popular pressure side pool cleaner designed for fiberglass and vinyl pools, with a hose length of 24 feet it is ideal for the majority of above ground pools. Unlike the Pentair Lil Shark above, it is pressure rather than suction powered and cleans to a high standard. It also won’t put any extra workload on your pool filter that suction pool cleaners can do, instead all debris is vacuumed into a filter bag that trails behind it. As for the price, you can normally get your hands on one of these for under $250, which is not bad.

Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

The Aquabot Pool Rover is capable of cleaning both above ground and in-ground pools of any shape in just a couple of hours. It comes with a 40 feet floating cord, and has an automatic shut-off timer set to two hours, so you can just turn it on and it will get on with the job. As with most robotic pool vacuums, setting it up is very simple, just plug it in, put it in the pool and it’ll do the rest.This model is one of the more affordable robotic pool cleaners, coming in at under $400.

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