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Pentair 011012 IntelliFlo VF High Performance Pool Pump Review

If you are looking for a high performing intelligent pool pump, than look no further, the Pentair 011012 IntelliFlo VF is just what you need. The Pentair 011012 has been called the smartest pool pump that has ever been built. You won’t believe that it even has a built on computer along with intelligent software that does all the calculations for you automatically and sets the minimum flow requirement automatically depending on what the pool task is that you need it to do. It has separate programming for filtering, cleaning, heating, spa jets along with several other water features that allows you to achieve the most optimized performance by your pool pump and the lost possible consumption of energy without having to do any setting or calculations yourself.

If you are a person concerned about owning eco – friendly products than this is just what you need. The Pentair 011012 pool pump is able to cut energy costs as much as 90 percent while also saving you easily $620 to $1,360 annually from your usual utility costs. Among its most prominent features is its ability to monitor and adjust the flow rates automatically all by itself thus delivering you the highest performance at the cheapest rate. It also has a diagnostics feature built inside it that helps you keep your swimming pool pump safe from any damages that usually result from incidents of premature failure like overheating, voltage irregularities, and loss of prime and freezing.

The Pentair 011012 IntelliFlo VF pool pump has a permanent magnet motor fitted inside along with a design in which the fan is totally closed, a feature often termed as TEFC. The benefit of this is that while the motor is running there will be no sound at all. This swimming pool pump is one of the quietest pool pumps available in the market. Therefore you won’t have to worry about neighbors being disturbed when you run your pool pump. The motor in this pool pump is so efficient and has permanent magnets that result in the minimum possible production of heat and vibration. Because of this the amount of stress on the body of the pool pump is very less which causes the least amount of wear and tear. This promises to further lengthen the life of this swimming pool pump.

The Pentair 011012 is compatible with other pool control systems like SunTouch, EasyTouch and IntelliTouch. It is also certified by the CE, NSF, UL and is listed on the CSA.

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Pentair 011017 IntelliFlo VS+SVRS High Performance Pool pump Review

With all the brand names and different kinds of swimming pool pumps available in the market it becomes quite difficult to figure out which one will work best for you. There are multiple things that you have to keep in mind when choosing a pool pump for your swimming pool. This article will give you a review on one of the best brand names in the market for swimming equipment and pool pumps, Pentair. This review is for their product PENTAIR 011017 IntelliFlo VS, and after reading its full features and benefits you will be able to figure out if this one fits your needs best or not.

The PENTAIR 011017 IntelliFlo VS is slightly more expensive than most other pool pumps you will find but the quality and benefits it offers definitely make up for its high price. Its high efficiency is designed to reduce your long term swimming pool maintenance costs. It is designed in such a manner that both commercial swimming pool owners and residential swimming pools can benefit from its technology. It is designed to comply with the SVRS standard that is set by the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.

Experts have termed the PENTAIR 011017 IntelliFlo VS as one of the world’s most intelligent pumps. This is because it is programmed to run on four different speed levels to match with all kinds of pools, spas and other water features that you might be interested in. all you have to do is dial in the minimum speed that you will require the pump to run at for a particular time and it will do so using the least amount of energy. There is a very convenient arrow button on the pool pump that you simply have to push up or down to set the speed level that you need. Therefore, PENTAIR 011017 IntelliFlo VS is definitely one of the most unique and revolutionary product you will be able to find that will reduce your energy costs while providing you with the safest pool ever. With the amazing 8 different speed levels it offers you will see that you can reduce your energy costs by as much as 90 percent. Therefore in the long run it’s extremely cost efficient so the initial high cost will be more than offset.

If you’re major concern is safety, than you can install its SVRS that is programmed to immediately detect any blockage and automatically shut down. All in all it’s an excellent choice for both commercial and residential pool owners.

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Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Pool Pump Review

If you own an above the ground swimming pool than you will need a different kind of pool pump. There is a separate category available that is designed to meet the specific needs and criteria of those swimming pools that are portable and above the ground. In all the different brand names out there one of the best and most reputable brand names for pool pumps and other swimming pool equipment is Hayward. Hayward has an extensive line of pool pumps which can be overwhelming for the not so tech savvy customers. However after reading this article on their product Hayward SP 1580X15 Power-Flo LX you will get to see how great this is for you’re above the ground swimming pool.

Among the special features of all pool pumps in this series, one of the best is its corrosion proof body, along with all its components that are so durable that they last a life time. It has several other really advanced features and in the long run it is quite economical to use. The intake and outtake discharge area is half inch wide thus relieve you of the problem of frequent blockages. This pool pump also has a double sided seal that adds to the long life of the pool pump. Another great factor about this above the ground swimming pool pump is that it is heat resistant. Along with that what you might see as very convenient is that this swimming pool pump has a cord that is six foot long and designed for 120 volt electricity. The length of the cord makes it easy for you in case your switches are not anywhere nearby you won’t have to hang around extra leads and create a mess of wires outside.

This swimming pool pump provides maximum flow of water because the impeller that is fitted inside its body is really efficient and delivers high performance. You must have noticed that a frequent problem with pool pumps is that starting them up is a hassle. However with this pool pump, there is a self priming pump that makes start up really easy. For maintenance purposes this above the ground pool pump comes with a drain plug that makes it easy for you. Furthermore, the basket of this pool pump has a cover that is transparent so that you can easily peek in to check how full it is and whether it’s time for you to dump out the waste or not. For the price it comes at it sure is a great buy.

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Champion Power Equipment 64026 Pool Pump Review

Among the entire different brand names out there one distinguishing name is that of Champion. Champion has quite an elaborate line of products available that specialize in providing you solutions for your swimming pool problems. If you are looking for a pool pump that is efficient enough to take all your pool problems away than the Campion Power Equipment 64026 is a great option. This swimming pool pump is quite powerful while at the same time it is surprisingly very light, efficient and compact as well. Its pretty much like a complete package of everything you have ever wanted from a pool pump.

The Campion 64026 comes in a semi – trash pump along with a hose kit that makes pumping very efficient and fast. The engine fitted into this swimming pool pump if of 118cc OHV and has a fuel tank that supports up to 0.6 gallon with an oil capacity of 0.63. Therefore you won’t have to worry about filling up the engine every other day. It can easily last a week further depending on your usage frequency. The most attractive feature of this pool pump is that setting it up and getting it running is as easy as ABC. It comes with recoil that helps starting the engine within seconds only. And considering the extensive hose kit that comes with this pool pump, it is without a doubt a complete package. It even has really robust and solid wheels that are 6 inches in diameter and a handle bar that has the ability to be neatly folded away.

In your concerned about the certification of this pool pump, you don’t have to worry at all because this pool pump has been certified by the CARB and the EPA for both the safety of its exhaust and its evaporative emissions. Among the other revolutionary features in this pool pump is that whenever the fuel level in the engine is low it automatically shuts down thus freeing you from worrying about any damage. Since it comes with wheels and a handle bar you can easily move it around wherever you like. It also has an air cooled feature that keeps it from getting too hot. Therefore in areas where the climate is quite hot and humid, this pool pump will work just great. It comes with a full instruction manual and adequate warranty. Considering the price of this pool pump and the features it offers it definitely is a great bargain.

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Pentair 011013 IntelliFlo High-Performance Pool Pump Review

In – ground pools are a great way to add fun in your home while giving your family the fitness and exercise that they need. Apart from that they also add to the value and beauty of your home. Therefore you can think of it as a long – term investment. However swimming pools are high maintenance. You constantly need to have a mechanism that will keep the water clean and sanitary safe for anyone swimming in it. This is why having a pool pump is a necessity.

For in – ground pools there are special in – ground pool pumps that are meant and designed to be used with in – ground swimming pools. There are many brands that you can choose from but some of the leading names for in – ground pool pumps are Pentair, Hayward and Tri – Star. The Pentair 011013 IntelliFo pool pump is a very efficient and high performing pool pump that has been enjoying great reviews since its launch.

When we think of buying pool pumps there are a few things that we have in mind. First of all it’s the noise they produce. Most machines are so noisy that even neighbors start complaining. And considering the number of times that you have to run them within a day it can become quite a heck. Therefore buying an in – ground pool pump that is quite and doesn’t make too much noise is a serious consideration. After that comes the efficiency of the product. You would naturally want a product that does great in cleaning the pool without clogging the pipes and requiring little maintenance as possible.

And then we cannot ignore the electricity factor. These machines naturally run on electricity. If you are living in a country where electricity is expensive this can be a big concern for you. You would want to buy a product that doesn’t consume too much electricity. Most in – ground pool pumps are sold based on the horse power that they have. But more than horse power what you should be considering is the efficiency of the product. Because higher horse power for an average sized pool will only mean that the horse power is being wasted because you don’t even need it. However if you go for a product with really great efficiency you will be enjoying a pool that cleans up in lesser time thus decreasing your long – run electricity bills as well. Considering all these points the Pentair 011013 IntelliFo pool pump is a great choice.

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Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pool Pump Review

The hygiene of your pool is a very important thing that needs regular checks especially when there are a greater number of people swimming in your pool. For this it’s best to you the most appropriate pool pump for the filtration of all the dirty of your pool. Pool pumps come in various sizes and you need to find one that is in accordance with the size of the pool it’s going to be used with.

There are many pool pumps available in the market but it’s important that you buy a reputable brand so that at least it will last for some time before you need to replace it. Hayward is a great name for pool equipment. Their product Hayward SP2607X10 Super pool Pump comes with horsepower 1 and has enjoyed great reviews from people who have used it.

Its special features are that its output is really good and The pool pump  comes with a basket that is really easy to clean. Another great point about this Hayward pool pump is that it is very quite as compared to the usual noisy pumps that can be heard from even several feet away. The installation procedure for Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pump is also very straight – forward. You can easily do it yourself without the need of calling any expert professional to come do it for you. Most consumers using it have reported to be more than just satisfied with this Hayward Super pump.

This Hayward pool pump is much quieter as compared to other pool pumps available in the market. The suction offered by this particular product is quite superior to other regular pumps. Due to its state – of – the – art technology its vacuuming feature is quite efficient and easy to use.  It works great in climates that are really hot and humid. The ordering process for this is really simple and with free shipment it is a perfect treat for all those people living far away who don’t have any dealers of Hayward in their city. Apart from all its great features the price of Hayward’s pump is also very low. As compared to the other pool pumps in the market their price is more than adequate for what they are offering. On top of that the shipment is also free. Therefore you will be getting a great package for the least possible price. So if you’re looking to replace your old and rusty pool pump, the Hayward Super pool Pump will be the best you can get.

If you want to buy Hayward SP2607X10 Super Pool Pump, I highly recommend you by them through Amazon here. You won’t find them cheaper anywhere else.

Hayward SP1592 Power-Flo Matrix Above-Ground Pool Pump Review

For those people who don’t want to dig up their backyards only to fit in a swimming pool knowing that soon they will be moving somewhere else they have the option of going for above ground pools. Theses pools are simply built in any shape and size you want basically considering the space you have in your back garden and is shipped to your house once prepared and is placed on the ground. With these above ground pools you don’t need to do any digging up.When we talk about above ground pools the type of pool pumps needed are different than the ordinary ones.

For above ground swimming pools there is a separate category of pool pumps that are specifically designed to work for above ground pools. There are several brands out there but one of the best brand names is Hayward for all swimming pool related equipment. Their product Hayward SP1592 Power – Flo Matrix Above – Ground pool Pump comes with a cord and has a horse power of 1.

This pool pump by Hayward is truly versatile. It has a simple button than enables you to quickly change from vertical discharge to horizontal or vice versa. It’s on and off switch is also very convenient and comes with probably one of the largest strainer baskets for collecting debris from your above ground swimming pool without requiring any heavy and complicated maintenance. The connection for the discharge pipe is really convenient to operate along with a fast disconnect intake.

Maintenance has been made super easy in this product by providing a C – Clip connector that allows you to disconnect the strainer from the pool pump within a few seconds only. The technology used in this machine makes it really heavy – duty and is a high performing machine. It also comes with an automatic thermal overload protector that increases the life of the product. You don’t have to worry about clogged pipes ever again because in this pool pump. there is an impeller fitted in that has very wide openings thus allowing all kinds of dirt to flow through easily. The body of the machine is built in a very robust manner to withstand all kinds of weather conditions without getting rusty. This makes this pool pump a really durable one. Furthermore, to add to the life and efficiency of the machine the seal is made to be heat – resistant and double in size. All in all it’s a great buy. 

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