Bestway 12753 Steel Pro Frame Pool Review – 18 Feet of Fun in the Sun

One of the best 18-feet pools of Bestway is provided on the market that is both durable and affordable. Not only are these pools easy to set up, they come backed with quality craftsmanship. Bestway has been providing pools to consumers for years and offers some of the best features in the industry to clients.

Let’s take a look at some of the standout features that the company has to offer.

Standout Features

  • Dimensions: The 12753 is perfect for the smaller backyard that is missing a place to relax in the sun. This pool has an 18-feet radius and is 52 inches high.
  • Flow Control: Flow control connectors are offered with rapid connection capabilities. This allows users to quickly and easily setup the pool without hassle.
  • Durable: The steel frame ensures that the Bestway 12753 is able to withstand kids jumping and splashing. There is a 3-ply band that offers even further wall support to ensure that the pool is sturdy.
  • Rust Resistant: Frames and connectors are entirely rust resistant to ensure that the pool will be able to withstand harsh winters or rain, yet still be summer-ready.
  • Safety Fittings: The connectors cover any jagged or hard portions of exposed steel to ensure that users do not injure themselves.

Strong Points

This 174 pound pool is extremely durable and has been designed from the ground up to not only be affordable, but long lasting as well. This is seen with the 3-ply wall as well as the steel frame and rust resistant connectors.

Users boast that this pool is a breeze to put together. All of the fittings are designed to quickly and effortlessly lock in place. This means that users will be able to assemble their pool within hours of opening the box.

For the price, this pool far exceeds the radius of other pools and offers a number of features that only higher-end models offer.

Minor Faults

There are two faults of this pool which seems to be quite common. While they are easy to remedy, they are worthwhile to know.

  • Shipping Time: Bestway is rather slow at shipping out their products. In fact, this model has a 3 – 5 week shipping time. For users wanting to buy this pool later in the summer season, you may be disappointed when it doesn’t arrive in time. However, if you plan ahead, the shipping time should not be an issue.
  • Filter Pump Not Included: The filter pump needed to ensure that the pool’s water is always clean is not included in the package. This means you will have to buy one separately. The only remedy to this problem is to buy a filter pump prior to the pool’s arrival.

Overall, the Bestway 12753 is a pool that the whole family will love. Not only is 18-feet more than enough for 4 or more people to swim around, the quality frame and fittings are exceptional. With easy connections and an effortless assembly, the 12753 is one of the best above ground pools in this price range.

Bestway pool setup video

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