Fitmax iPool Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool Review

iPool Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool. The Fitmax iPool Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool is not your average backyard pool. It’s designed to act like a lap pool and allows you to get all of the exercise you need without taking up your entire backyard.

Thanks to a Velcro harness, swimmers can stay in one place while swimming. This provides resistance and still allows you to get a great workout. The idea is similar to a treadmill. You get all the benefits of walking but without having to actually walk somewhere.

Standout Features

  • Compact size: The iPool is 10 x 6.5 feet, roughly the size of an SUV. Its small size makes it easy to move from one location in your backyard to another.
  • Water capacity: This model can hold up to 1,500 gallons of water and is approximately 3 feet deep.
  • Harness: The iPool come with a Velcro harness that holds you in place while you swim. This provides you with all of the same exercise benefits you would receive when swimming in a lap pool.
  • Easy to assemble: The iPool is shipped in two boxes and takes roughly 30 minutes to set up.
  • Indoor and outdoor model: This pool can be assembled indoors or outdoors. If installed indoors, the floor must be level, be able to withstand 1 ton of weight and have a way to drain water out and away from the property.
  • Filter pump: This model comes with a filter pump to help keep the water clean. It also comes with a repair kit.

Strong Points

The iPool is the ideal choice for swimmers, athletes and people recovering from injuries. The included Velcro harness holds you in place while you swim. This allows you to enjoy the same benefits of swimming in a lap pool while using a compact, above ground pool.

The harness itself allows for varying levels of resistance. The higher the resistance, the more difficult the workout will be. The harness attaches to your waist for the utmost in comfort.

Another benefit to using this pool is that you can also use a salt-water system or chlorine to further keep the pool water clean. It takes only 30 minutes to assemble, and the pool’s compact size allows it to easily be moved from one location to another.

The iPool also offers a fun way to exercise, and many customers with arthritis or fibromyalgia enjoy using this pool. It provides a gentle but effective exercise that is easy on the joints.

Minor Faults

Most products have at least one or two minor faults, but customers have little to complain about with the iPool.

Some found that they needed to upgrade their pump to a new one. Filter pumps are always a crapshoot no matter what model pool you purchase. Some are great, but others are faulty.

Another important thing to consider is the fact that you must place the pool on a level surface. Both the manufacturer and customers have pointed this out. Some customers did have to do some excavating in their yard, but found the effort to be well worth it once they had their pool up and running.

All in all, the Fitmax iPool is an excellent exercise pool that comes at a bargain price when compared to other lap pools on the market. The ability to use the pool indoors and outdoors is also a major bonus that customers really enjoy.

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