Hayward Above-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

With the above-ground automatic pool cleaner offered by Hayward, pool owners are able to clean their pools in a hands-free manner. No longer do you have to fight with hoses or cords to clean out your dirty pool. With nearly 600 strong reviews seen, this product is one of the best-selling pool cleaners on the market.”

Standout Features

  • Styles: Style is one thing that Hayward knows best. This pool cleaner comes in three unique styles that are perfect for kids: Aqua bug, Diver Dave and Wanda the Whale.
  • SmartDrive System: A patented system is used to run this cleaner. Users simply place it in their pool and the programmed steering system ensures the entire pool’s bottom is cleaned.
  • Fast: This model is both fast and efficient. The contoured design and the pulling of water from the bottom of the pool ensures this model is always cleaning as fast as possible.
  • Installation: From the moment of unpacking to adding in the last hose, this model is installed and ready to start cleaning in 10 minutes.
  • Circulation: The pool’s circulation is improved thanks to the pulling of the water from the bottom of the pool. This allows the pool to stay cleaner for longer without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Efficient: Everything from algae to sand will be cleaned with this model. There is a 32 feet hose included that is more than sufficient for most pool sizes. If a bigger hose is needed, it can be purchased directly from Hayward in the form of 32 feet extensions.

Strong Points

This Above-Ground model is both stylish and efficient. The array of styles offered adds a splash of color and fun to every pool. The suction power is immense and no longer do you have to manually clean your pool. The built-in system ensures that the Hayward is able to completely clean the bottom of your pool without missing a single inch.

The hose is very long with 32 feet being more than enough for virtually any standard above-ground pool. There is even a DVD that comes with this cleaner that alerts users just how to use the product. Installation is as simple as possible and takes a mere 10 minutes.

Topping off the features list is the cleaner’s ability to circulate water from the bottom of the pool. This keeps your pool’s water cleaner for longer.

Minor Faults

The intake of this cleaner is rather small. While most small debris will be cleaned with ease, larger leaves may end up clogging the cleaner. The only remedy for this issue is to ensure that larger particles are not taken into the cleaner. A quick skimming of the water for leaves should do the trick.

The center of the pool must be flush with the ground. If the pool is not properly installed or there is an incline, this cleaner will get stuck. If you have a pool that was not installed on a flat surface, this may not be the ideal choice.

If you want a hands-free cleaner, this model will surely do the trick. Not only is it small and stylish, but it does all of the cleaning on auto-pilot.

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