Hayward H150FDN Universal H-Series Review

A warm, toasty pool is exactly what pool owners want when the temperatures get cooler at night or seasons change. The Hayward H150FDN provides immense heating power and is powered by 150,000-BTUs.

Hayward has incorporated the leading energy saving technology into this model and even provides one of the easiest-to-use control panels on the market.

Standout Features

  • Polymer Header: Erosion and performance are greatly increased due to the new polymer header. This header provides the utmost in hydraulic performance and utilizes less energy than previous models
  • Forced Draft: An advanced forced draft system allows air to flow in at a steady rate and eliminates all of the outside variables that can hinder pool heating.
  • Durability: A newly patented design ensures that there is no condensation and that the lifespan of the H150FDN is increased greatly.
  • Heat Exchanged: A finn plate and cupro nickel are utilized to ensure heat is exchanged evenly and efficiently.
  • Control Panel: The LED control panel allows users to easily change temperatures, view diagnostics and even alerts owners when it is time to have the H-Series serviced.

Strong Points

The Hayward H150FDN is a powerful model that provides an immense amount of heat in a short time span. Users are able to increase their pool’s heat by over 10 degrees in 2 – 3 hours in most cases. This obviously depends on the size of the pool.

Installation is straightforward and the instructions are very clear. Hayward has went to extremes to ensure that this model is at the forefront of the pool heating industry and has done so with great precision. Not only is the heating mechanism more efficient than other models, but the manner in which air is pulled into the heater does not affect the overall heating. This means users have better overall heating in a shorter amount of time.

The LED control panel is the icing on the cake and allows users to adjust temperatures to their desired setting. The addition of diagnostics and servicing illumination are amazing additions for new owners. This allows users to ensure that their pool heater is always running efficiently.

Minor Faults

As far as functionality and heating, there are no faults seen with this model. The only fault a potential buyer should consider is that the gas connector is on the right side of the unit. This should not make much of a difference, but if your setup does not allow for a right side connection, this may be a problem.

Hayward is known for long-lasting products that easily stand the test of time. The H150DFN has lasted for years without any complaints being seen by users. The heating is far more advanced than older Hayward models and the weight is much lighter.

The energy efficient design makes this one of the best gas pool heaters on the market. While this is not a heater meant for a community pool, it is perfect for residential pools. Those that have used Hayward pool heaters in the past will recognize how the new heat exchange and polymer headers have advanced Hayward far above the competition.

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