Hayward Pool Pumps Reviews

If you are searching for a high quality pool pump for your home pool then it is a good idea to have a look on Hayward pool pumps reviews in order to make it sure that you are selecting a good and well reputed brand in this matter. There are several pool pumps available with Hayward brand which can fulfill your need regarding to an efficient pool pumps. This company is offering it’s a wide range of pool pumps with different specifications like North Star, Energy Solution, Super Pump, tri star and tri star water fall. These pool pump models come in different specifications to fit according to your pool requirement. Hayward pool pumps have different extra features which make these pumps apart from other brands available in the market. Here, I will discuss few Hayward pool pumps reviews for its different models with their specifications and qualities which can help you in making a right choice about your pool accessories requirement.

North Star:

North Star is a famous and efficient model of Hayward brand. This pump comes with Hydraulic mechanism and suitable for mid-size pools. This pump can effectively circulate and filter the water of a medium pool. Another good this about this model is its low power consumption which makes it more economical option for you than other available brands. This pump is coated with special corrosion resistant coating which makes it more durable even in salty water.

Tri Star:

This model is also famous because of its high power motor and low energy consumption. Having such pump model mean you can save a lot of money because low electricity bills. Another good thing about this pump is its advance cooling device attached with its motor. This device doesn’t let the motor heat up and thus it increases the motor life. This pump model contains a heavy motor which can pump high volume of water and thus it is suitable for large and mid-size pools.

TriStar Energy Solution:

This water pumps is designed to pump high volume of water in very low energy consumption. This model can give you best value for money. Another good thing which other brands usually don’t offer in their pumps is variable speed which means that you can change the pumping speed of your pump according to your pool’s requirement. This pumps is also noise eliminating and this feature makes it apart from other pumps. Some other notable features which this pump model contains are less pressure filtering and pump cooling device.

Max Flo:

It is a heavy duty pool pump model which is designed for commercial swimming pools. This pool pump comes in high power motor which makes it capable to work in extra-large size swimming pool. It is also energy saving as compare to other water pumps available in the marketing. Another notable feature of Max Flo is its see-through cover through which you can easily know when the chamber needs to be empty. Maintenance and clearing of this model is also very easy as compare to other similar brands available in the market.

These are few Hayward Pool Pumps Reviews for different models which can help you a lot in making choice according to your pool requirement. You can also do more research apart from these Hayward Pool Products to broaden your choices!

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