Intex 24 Foot by 52 Inch Metal Frame Pool Set Review

We had our old Intex pool for 5 years, and since we drained it every winter, and used a salt water pump during the summer, it had a long and happy life with our family.

But, the kids were getting bigger, and making more friends as they went from grade school to junior high.

It was time for a new pool, and the Intex 24 x 52 was the best choice for our family.

Getting The Most Value For My Money

Getting a quality product for my money is important, especially in this economy.  The Intex Pool is not all that expensive but is sturdy, with improvements from previous models.

It features include a rust proof coating on the frames.  These frames have snap joints, so my husband and his friends didn’t have to get out all their power tools (think they were a little disappointed that the assembly went so smoothly).

Setting It up

My husband and I were not novice pool buyers, so we knew it was important to do all the homework, and be thoroughly prepared before we installed our above ground pool.  If you ignore important directions, you can tear the liner of the pool, or the pool itself will spring leaks.

Read between the lines of bad reviews—it’s clear that the majority did not follow all the instructions.  Intex includes a detailed instruction manual and a DVD.  What we did was read the manual, watch the DVD, and use the internet to answer any other questions.

Unless your spouse or partner installs pools for a living, they should rely on the Intex manual and follow all directions (tell him he isn’t driving, so he ought to ask for directions)

The DVD is a bit unrealistic when it said the pool can be assembled in one hour:  it took my husband and friends 2 hours, but ‘haste makes waste’ (or leaky pools) so take the time to do it right.

Installation Video

The Whole Package

It wasn’t just that our pool was well made, large enough for our family, and easy to assemble.  Intex also included some very important features.  The pump filters 2,500 gallons per hour in a 12,841 gallon pool.

That’s a good rate, and I know it won’t take long to keep the water clean.  You may want to look at a saline pump, and purchase a larger pump, since a salt pump keeps the water cleaner, and a larger pump will do the job faster.

Intex provides a ground cloth, pool cover, surface strainer and volleyball set with the pool.  My kids have taken the strainer and used it as a pool toy.  Go figure.  It also does an excellent job at keeping bugs and leaves out of the pool, when it isn’t serving as a toy.

Something For Everyone

Maybe it’s silly, but I like the band around the middle of the pool.  It gives it a certain stability, and security.  Security matters to me.  I don’t want to worry because my kids and their friends are playing in a rickety pool.  Accidents happen, but by laminating the sidewalls, and adding reinforcements, they aren’t likely to happen in our swimming pool. Good construction keeps water in the pool, and keeps trouble outside.

My husband liked the intake valve, and the outtake valve.  Even better, the drain plug is designed to accommodate a garden hose, so you have the option of draining the water out of the pool, and directing the flow to the drains in your backyard.

The Family Pool

Our Intex Pool, and I call it ‘our pool’ because everybody in the family loves it. We all love to swim, to have a nice cool dip after a hot day at work.  I also love the fact that the pool is easy to maintain.

This pool is large enough for the kids to have a pool party after school or on the weekend.  If they are hanging out with their friends, we adults can have a party with our friends—perhaps a swim, then a nice cook out.  This  pool is just the right size for a family with older children.

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