Intex 32 x 16 x 52 Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool

If you are in the market for an above ground pool, Intex makes several options including the Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool.This design in above ground pools offers a rectangular version to the typical round metal frame variety.

The features include: rust resistant, galvanized steel frames as well as SUPER-TOUGH laminated sidewalls. The sidewalls are created for triple strength and contain 3 separate layers of materials for additional durability.  The manufacturer claims a 30-minute installation and includes a set-up and maintenance DVD.

Ultimately this is a nice pool with much more visual appeal than the round counterparts.  The filter that comes with the pool is not big enough for a pool this size but the pool itself was easy to clean and take care of.  The pump can work for a time but will most likely require replacing for a larger one.

During installation, it is suggested that you place wood under the piers but this should be a mandatory part of the installation process.  You can also use brick instead since wood tends to get wet and eventually will rot.

User Video Of The Intex 32 x 16


All in all this pool is exactly as advertised.  It is easy to clean and the materials are very sturdy and durable.  You really feel like you have a quality above ground pool.  The delivery time for this pool was very fast.  Having an instruction manual and DVD was also very helpful, especially if you are a visual learner.

The design of the pool is contemporary and sleek so it isn’t your typical above ground eye sore. It looks terrific and arrived with all the pieces and components.  It was a surprisingly fast turn around time and nothing was missing.


The video DVD doesn’t mention that the sides won’t stand until the pool is filled.  It worked out but can appear scary since it looked like it would break apart.  This could have been made more clear and save a few people the horror of watching their new pool look like it is potentially going to fall apart.

The corners do lock into place once you fill it with water.  Also, the pump for the pool isn’t as powerful as it should be for the size.  It may be necessary to purchase another pump to alleviate having it run all night, which will eventually drive up power bills.  The video is somewhat misleading about the threading of the poles.  It suggests it is easy but in actuality it is rather difficult and requires more than one person.

All in all, other than the confusion with the installation and the DVD, this is a good pool and you are paying for a quality product that should last some time if taken care of.  When it comes to above ground pools this is definitely one of the best looking options out there.

It is also very easy to keep clean and does not require a lot of scrubbing and chemical additions.  Everything is straightforward and appealing.

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