Intex Oval Frame Pool Set, 18 by 10 Review

Being able to keep cool during the summer without having to stay indoors with the AC on is one of the best things about having your own pool. With the 18 x 10 Intex Oval Frame Pool Set it won’t cost you a fortune either.

Pros: If you are only looking for a pool that will keep the kids entertained and will fit in most back yards then this pool is a good choice and an ideal starter pool. Putting it together is also one of the easiest you will find, especially when compared to some of the larger pools, like the Intex 24 x 12 that can seem like a huge task if you aren’t prepared.

Cons:The ladder that comes with this pool is pretty basic and probably would need to be upgraded if adults are using this pool regularly.

Thoughts On The 18 x 10 x 42 Intex Oval Frame Pool Set

This pool is designed as an entry level pool, perfect for a first pool and is a decent size, not too small that you will be cramped and not big enough to take over your yard space. In terms of getting good value for your money this pool is gonna be pretty hard to beat, especially considering it comes with a filter pump too.

If you have ever put an above ground pool up before then you will know how much preparation work is required to get the job done without breaking the pool or flooding your yard. This pool still needs some prep work, but is one of the easiest to put up.

Before you start

The main thing to have before putting this pool up is a smooth, level surface to avoid any damage to the pool when it is full of water. The rest of the assembly process is pretty straight forward, just make sure to read all of the instruction manual before you begin, to avoid any problems.

Filter Pump

The pool comes with a standard 1000 gph (gallons per hour) filter pump that runs on 120V, which considering the price of this pool is not bad and if looked after will do the job, but if you want better performance then it’s worth getting a better one. Not only will you need to do less maintenance if you do but you can use it if you ever decide to get a bigger pool too.

The product page for this pool doesn’t state whether the filter is a cartride or sand one, but just in case you didn’t know, it’s a cartridge, which will do a slightly better job of filtering the water but will need replace cartridges every so often.


It doesn’t have many support frames, except for two on each side that do a good job of keeping it stable. These are coated with rust-proof paint and will last a few years before they start to show any signs of wear, just make sure to store them inside  during the winter and make sure that they stand on a solid piece of wood (preferably treated to avoid rotting) before you fill the pool to avoid any damage.

That’s It!

That’s all there really is to say about this pool, it’s cheap, easy to setup and is big enough for the whole family to cool off and have fun.

Useful Assembly Video

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