Intex Pool Pump

Intex, a worldwide leader in providing aqua leisure equipment is also one of the leading pool pump manufacturer that provides a wide range of customized intex pool pump or known as intex pool filter pump. It is versatile enough to fit into specialized intex pools and even other swimming pools as well.

Powered by Heavy duty 120 Volt and high volume 1/2 HP motor and pump, it performs either specialized function of filtering swimming pools or multi functions such as filtering sands in the water and dispensing out chlorine as well. With the superior air release valved, it is able to dispense out clean air from the filter pump system to quickly replaces the dirty water in the pool. The sediment flush valve which is built into the filter case provides easy rinsing of the trapped sediment which is located at the bottom of the filter unit.

Totally waterproof, you do not need to retrieve them even after a few months thanks to the superior mechanism and exterior fit of the intex pool pump. The intex pool pump comes with hoses, plunger valves, strainers and clamps and are engineered to easily installed as it aims to be fool proof.

William Dean from Mother Lode Country, USA commented that he purchased a 8′ by 30′ swimming pool a year back. He never thought of getting a filtratation system pump and after a few days, the pool turn cloudy. Thru his local pool pump reseller website, he purchased a 1000 gallons Intex pool pump at half the price selling at Walmart and the pool is crystal clear and maintaiined perfectly with minimal effort.

Intex pool pump comforms to UL/CSA standard and comes in several formats for all kinds of swimming pool as shown below and is available at discount prices at authorized intex pool pump resellers

  • 530 gallons per hour pool filter pump
  • 1000 gallons per hour pool filter pump
  • 1500 gallons per hour pool filter pump
  • 2000 gallons per hour pool filter pump
  • 2000 gallons per hour pool filter pump and chlorinator combo
  • 2500 gallons per hour pool filter pump
  • 4000 gallons per hour pool filter pump
  • Energy saving intex pool pump

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