Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set, 18-Feet by 52-Inch Review

Pros: There are a few extras with this pool that add up to make it an all-round good buy, like the 1600 gph Krystal Clear sand filter, sturdy design and a good depth.

The assembly process is also not too complicated compared to some other intex pools like the 32 x 16.

Cons: One of the few things that didn’t quite live up to expectations was the ladder which is undersized for regular use from adults, so I would advise getting a better ladder for this pool set.

Our Thoughts On This Pool


Putting this Intex 18 x 42 pool together may be easier than some of the other pools but it will need a couple extra pairs of hands at least. It’s important to have a flat, level surface that is large enough to situate this pool (18 ft diameter), so if your yard is steep or uneven then you will need to do some work to create a suitable base for this pool.

Once you have a good base you can start putting it together which the instruction videos say take around 45 minutes, however it is more like 2-3 hours in reality, so don’t rush, and make sure that it is done properly to avoid any issues.

As for filling the pool with water, it depends on where you live but for most people it will probably be cheaper and quicker to get it filled with a water tanker than from the faucet.



One of the most common complaints from people who buy an above ground pool set which has a filter included is that the filter is normally not good enough or powerful enough for the pool, thankfully this pool does come with a decent sand filter.

Also because it uses sand to filter the water instead of cartridges, it is much easier to maintain and you won’t need to buy or replace cartridges. According to the manufacturer the sand will only need replacing once every 5 years which is great if you want a hassle-free pool.


The sides of this pool are pretty sturdy, with a metal frame that is held together using a strong band of strapping around the sides of the pool. Considering the weight of water inside the pool when it’s full, it does a good job  of keeping the pool together.


As mentioned earlier, the ladder for this pool is basic so I would advise anyone thinking about getting this pool to buy a sturdier one if adults will be using this pool regularly throughout the summer.


This pool is a good choice for people looking to get their first above ground pool due to the easier setup process and the fact that it comes with all the extras such as filter pump, ladder and pool cover included. Even if you have had many above ground pools in the past, this pool will still impress and if upgraded with a deck and ladder could be the envy of your neighbors.

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