Pentair GW8000 Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

When it comes to pool maintenance, cleaning is the most mundane task on the list. With the Pentair GW8000 Automatic Pool Cleaner, you no longer have to vacuum your pool by hand.

This automatic cleaner does all of the work for you. Simply connect the cleaner’s hose to your pool filter and let it get to work.

Standout Features

  • Quick cleaning: The Pentair GW8000 cuts a ten inch path, which allows for a quick cleaning every time.
  • Five cleaning paths: This automatic cleaner features five different cleaning paths that are adjustable. This allows for complete coverage for any sized pool.
  • Powerful cleaning: Two bands of bristles and a powerful vacuum scrub dirt from the pool’s floor while the vacuum pulls it away.
  • Size: This pool cleaner measures 12 ¾ in x 6 ¼ in x 13in.
  • Durable: The cleaner’s vortex chamber includes just one moving part. This simple design allows for years of dependable use.
  • Convenient: The Pentair GW8000 is automatic, so you never have to vacuum by hand.

Strong Points

The Pentair GW8000 is durable, affordable and easy to use. This is an automatic above ground pool cleaner, so you can simply set it and forget it. When in use, the cleaner cuts a path that is 10 inches wide for quick cleaning. The GW8000 features five different cleaning paths for a thorough cleaning of any shape or size above ground pool.

The cleaner features two bands of bristles that scrub away dirt. The bristles are tough enough to scrub away dirt, but will not damage or scratch the floor of your pool. To complete the job, the cleaner’s vacuum eliminates the dirt scrubbed away by the bristles. This is a quick, efficient and hands-off way to keep your pool clean.

The great thing about this pool cleaner is that it’s incredibly durable. Its vortex chamber only has one moving part. Fewer moving parts reduces the chances of the cleaner breaking. This cleaner’s simple design is definitely one of its major selling points aside from its affordable price tag.

Minor Faults

While the Pentair GW8000 is an excellent cleaner, there are some minor faults with this product that you may want to consider.

Some users found that the cleaner continuously cleaned the same few spots in their pool and neglected other areas. It’s important to remember that the cleaner features five different cleaning paths. In this case, the user was probably using the wrong settings. You may need to test the cleaner out a few times before you find the right setting for your pool, but this is to be expected with any automatic pool cleaner.

Also, if you have a smaller pump, you may find that the cleaner takes a little bit longer to clean the entire pool.

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