Portable Hot Tub Guide

Look for Respected Brands When Portable Hot Tub Shopping

Portable Hot Tubs are making it more convenient and more affordable for everyone to have the luxury of a spa in their own backyard. Because Portable Hot Tubs are constructed of one piece, designed to be lightweight but durable, they can be moved to assorted locations and don’t require any major plumbing or electrical remodeling or expenses. Because the purchase of the right Portable Hot Tub spa is, however, a major expenditure, it pays to become somewhat familiar with the major players in the hot tub industry while you are shopping for the right unit for you and your family.

Dreammaker Spas are the world’s largest roto-molded spa manufacturer, specialists at producing one piece, totally portable spa units. Their EzSpa portable hot tub is among their best selling units, comfortably seating four, and featuring a Play ‘N Plug system that needs no additional wiring or electrical work. Dreammaker is definitely one of the first brands you’ll want to investigate when shopping for a Portable Hot Tub because they get high marks for providing a range of options that rate high in satisfaction and provide a very good value for the money.

Island Escape Spas is another name worth checking into. They make The Love Triangle, one of the most popular Portable Hot Tubs for couples, offering 22 jet streams, featuring an ambiant lighting system with changing colors, advanced digital controls and a Pristine Water Filtration System. The unit is available in a wide variety of interior tub colors and exterior cabinet faces. Also by Island Escape Spas is their popular two-seater Cozy Nest model, which can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors and features two lay-down side by side full-body loungers, especially appealing to couples, and 21 high quality water jets.

Cabaret Hot Tubs is another respected name when shopping for Portable Hot Tubs, especially is you are looking for classic styling and spacious seating capacity. Their Lounger Spa is an excellent portable unit featuring 41 jets, enabling a full body massage, including legs and feet, extra support headrests and an advanced Spa Genie one-touch digital control system for ease of operation while you are relaxing.

If your budget is under $1,000, Comfort Line Products offers The Inflatable Spa-2-Go, which sets up in minutes to provide a relaxing whirlpool experience. Even more economical is the Aero Spa Portable Spa, a lightweight 48 pound vinyl round unit with cover, filter and heater, which can be inflated within a matter of minutes and easily filled from any garden hose. No extra amenities on these last two brands, but they do prove how affordable Portable Hot Tubbing has become.

The Many Benefits of Portable Hot Tubs

Throughout the ages, spas or hot tubs have been an integral part of life. The ancient Japanese and Chinese knew the benefits of using hot, steamy water, as the Romans used huge bathhouses. They realized, as we do today, that were many health benefits to be found in using hot tubs or spas. Hot water relaxes the body and tense muscles, opens the pores, and promotes overall well-being.

It used to be that only the wealthy could reap the benefits of owning a hot tub, so they became a status symbol. However, with the advent of portable hot tubs, owning a hot tub can be much more affordable. They are much less expensive than a traditional, in-ground hot tub, which typically cost several thousand dollars. Some models of portable hot tubs can purchased for less than a thousand dollars.

One of the great benefits of owning one of these units is that they can be plugged into any wall outlet and run on 110 volts. Since they are energy efficient, they save the owner money on the electric bill. The owner doesn’t have to worry about installing the hot tub and hiring an electrician to wire it because all that one has to do it plug it in the wall.

Portable hot tubs are also a great choice for people that don’t have a lot of choice as to where a hot tub can be placed. They are perfect for a person that has a small yard or deck and they can also be placed indoors. Anyone with just a little bit of space can be sure that they will find a place to put it. They come in standard shapes and sizes that allow it to fit it into a corner. The owner doesn’t have to worry that the hot tub won’t match the decor of the yard or deck because they come in a variety of designs that are sure to please even the pickiest person. They can come be a vinyl inflatable tub or made of acrylic and wood.

If a family owned a traditional in-ground hot tub and moved to another home, the hot tub would have to stay. This is not so with a portable hot tub. Since they quickly inflate and deflate, they make moving so easy that a family could even deflate it and carry it on vacation if they so chose.

For centuries, people have enjoyed using hot tubs and spa-like bathhouses. Owning a hot tub has become more of a reality for many more people because of the portable hot tub. They are relatively inexpensive, require little maintenance or space, and they look and work great.

How To Compare Portable Hot Tubs:What to look for when you buy

The enjoyment of owning a hot tub not only has medicinal benefits known as hydrotherapy, aid in de-stressing but can also add to the value of a person’s home. The first thing a potential owner should know when thinking about purchasing a hot tub is being able to decide which is best to buy, a Jacuzzi, spa or hot tub.

Once the decision has been made as to whether an inground hot tub or above ground is best suited for the customer’s lifestyle, then the next step is to decide on the size of the model; choose whether red wood or acrylic is best and have a definite budget in mind. The local Better Business Bureau is a great place to check on the status of a Spa dealer and to see whether or not they are a good and reputable company. Many companies will allow you to test their various showroom models in order to help the potential buyer decide on the size, model and price.

The average tub or spa has between one to four power jets for water circulation, a skim filter positioned on the side of the tub catch dirt and other debris. It’s important to understand some basics when making a tub purchase such as the controls of the tub are they accessible and easy to operate. The seating arrangements in the tub, will a four-seating tub do or six or eight? When it comes to sanitizing the hot tub maintaining the proper pH balance is crucial in ensuring that no one becomes ill due to RWI’s (recreational water illnesses).

The same diligence is required with the cleaning of a hot tub as with a swimming pool maintaining a clean sanitize tub and maintaining the alkalinity and calcium hardness is crucial. The equipment needed is a ozone generator, a good pump, the necessary chemicals such as chlorine, bromine or mineral sanitizers. In extreme cases “shocking” the water that is using a large amount of chlorine to restore the pH balance of the water may be needed. If that is the case do not use the tub for at least 8-10 hours after shocking the water.

If you do not want to or know how to install a spa then have it installed for you. The cost of installation can be a bit pricy however the safety factor and proper installation is important above all. Child proofing the tub is definitely advised no child should be allowed use the tub without proper supervision. One should make sure that there are controls in place to prevent the child from accessing the controls or tub; which means using a tub cover, automatic shut-off controls and other safety protocols are in place. The price for a spa can range from $2,500.00-$8000.00 so when deciding on the price has a checklist on hand. The price range, performance value, electrical safety concerns, size, model and a child’s safety are just a few of the things that should be noted when shopping.

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