Robotic Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

You want to go swimming and you vacuumed your pool the day before so you think you are ready to go. You go outside and hold your nose to plunge into your pool and you realize that it’s dirty again. This can be very frustrating especially since you just vacuumed your swimming pool the day before. How does it get so dirty so fast? It depends on a number of things, but I think it’s time for you to get an automatic pool vacuum.

Now it’s time to think of what kind of automatic pool vacuum you want. Well I’m here to tell you about the very best automatic pool cleaner on the market. They are called robotic pool cleaners and they are the most efficient and easy to use pool vacuums to date.

How do robotic pool vacuums work? Unlike the suction side and pressure side pool vacuums the robotic pool cleaner does not need your swimming pool’s filter system to operate. A robotic cleaner is one self-contained unit that is powered by electricity. You plug it into an standard electrical outlet and drop it into your swimming pool and it runs by it self.

How does it clean your pool? It works like a suction side cleaner. Inside a robotic cleaner is a motor and a pump. The motor drives the unit around the bottom of your swimming pool while the pump creates suction which lifts dirt and debris off the bottom of your pool and into a bag located inside the unit, so all you have to do is empty the bag when it’s full.

The best thing about these pool vacuums is that you can drop them into your pool when it’s not running and it can clean your pool. Also these vacuums filter the water using a very thick mesh bag. And if you are worried about putting something electrical in your pool, don’t. They will not electrocute you, they are designed not to and they use very little power to operate.

The bad thing about these cleaners is the price. They are very expensive because they are robotic and can do so much, but if you have the money I would suggest picking one up, they are the best. You can even get ones that come with a remote control for trouble spots. Now that’s awesome!

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