Swimming Pool Pumps and Filters Make Swimming Safe and Enjoyable

Welcome to our website. Here you will be able to find suppliers for just about any type of inground pool pump that is sure to keep your pool running like new.

With a wide variety of choices and manufacturers, an inground pool pump will keep your pool running like it is supposed to and your family will be able to enjoy your pool anytime they wish. Purchase a top quality pump and you should be set for many years.

A pool pump is the heart of your pool and it is essential to keeping your water clean and safe from harmful bacteria. Without a working pump, your water would be dirty and unsafe for swimming. The pool pump helps to circulate the water through the filter and evenly distribute the chemicals.

Hayward Star-Clear Cartridge Filters

Hayward is a name you can trust when it comes to swimming pools. The Hayward Star-Clear Cartridge Filters are top of the line, affordable filters for everything from spas to swimming pools. These filters provide crystal clear water day after day, month after month. This more than capable cartridge is top quality for top productivity. The Star-Clear swimming pool filters are easy to clean and last for several swimming season. When looking for swimming pool pumps and filters, Hayward is a good choice. The Hayward name is synonymous with quality.

Pentair Sand Dollar Aboveground Sand Filter

The Pentair Sand Dollar Aboveground Sand Filter is a single piece tank that is not susceptible to rust. This patented tank is both long lasting and very strong. The design of this tank provides for exceptional flow and you won’t have to change or clean the filter as often as with other brands. Pentair is a recognizable name in the swimming pool industry and provide clean and clear water on a consistent basis.

Intex Filter Pump

The easy to install Intex Filter Pump is an excellent choice for your home. The pump is double insulated and has been shown to keep your pool siginificantly cleaner than many of the other leading brands. The cartridges are now thicker and are much more dense than in the past. This filter pump also offers superior water flow resulting in a clean and safe pool for the entire family to enjoy.

Clean & Clear Inground Filter System

The Clean & Clear Inground Filter is a top of the line, high quality filter. There is virtually no maintenance needed for this system and it does an incredible job at cleaning debris from your pool water. To clean it, just open the top, take the filter out and spray it off. When reviewing swimming pool pumps and filters, you should consider the Clean & Clear if it’s in your price range. The long lasting fiberglass tanks make this a durable and efficient system.

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