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Best Above Ground Swimming Pools Reviews 2019

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Best Rated Above Ground Pools Reviews

What to Look for When Buying an Above Ground Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are great places for the family to cool off, to have a summer gathering in the backyard or just for your own relaxation when no one else is around. Some people prefer in-ground swimming pools, while others are partial to above ground swimming pools. It is all a matter of personal choice, but there are some things you should be aware of when you are looking for above ground swimming pools.

In many communities there are laws about how far a pool needs to be from the border of the yard, and many communities mandate that a fence be put in where there is a pool. Always make sure that you know what is expected of you by the law when you install a pool, and make the proper measurements so that you know how large of a pool you are able to buy and still stay within the legal limits of your yard. It could be discouraging to purchase an expensive above ground package, only to find out that it cannot legally exist in your yard.

Installing above ground swimming pools can be a lot of work, so you may want to make sure that the company you are purchasing from offers installation services to help out. Always ask what the installation charges cover, because sometimes the home owner is expected to supply various supplies and do various tasks to assist in putting in their pool. Installation requirements of the homeowner can vary from laying down stones for the pool foundation, to possibly having to level the area where the pool will be installed. Make sure you ask what services are included upon installation.

Make sure your above ground swimming pool kit includes all the accessories you need to completely install and use your new pool. Some kits do not come with everything needed to enjoy your pool out of the box, and you may be required to make some extra purchases such as an access ladder or skimmer to clean the pool’s surface. This is not unusual, but just be certain to find out what extra accessories are needed to be purchased separately before you complete the process of purchasing your new pool.

The advantage of an above ground pool is that it can be installed quickly, and you can be swimming in it in a relatively short period of time. This depends on the availability of the installation crew, and if the crew cannot make it to your house for several weeks then you may want to find another place to purchase your pool.

How to Select the Best Above Ground Swimming Pool

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for young and old alike. If you are shopping for an Above Ground Swimming Pool to add to your property, there are a few things to consider in order to make the best choice for your needs.

Above Ground Swimming Pools have come a long way from the problem-ridden small, cheap plastic and aluminum models of the 1950s. Today’s Above Ground Swimming Pool uses quality durable material, fashioning a vinyl liner laid over a supporting structure composed of steel, wood, resin or aluminum. Smallest available pools average 15 to 18 feet in diameter, with larger round pools at 30 feet diameter and 18 by 36 feet oval pools, perfect if you enjoy doing laps.

Choose the right site on your property before choosing your pool. Look for a sunny location away from trees or shrubbery, although an area with a windbreak is fine to help prevent rapid water evaporation from the pool’s surface. Choose a site that has easy access, is easily visible from your house and don’t forget to allow room for any walkways, patios or decks you might envision, along with some space for an equipment shed which will make pool maintenance easier.

Be sure your pool location is free from rocks, roots and other sharp objects, is sod-free, firm and level to support the weight of the pool structure once it’s filled with water.

Will the pool be a do-it-yourself-installation or are you hiring a professional installer? Be sure to meet all local permit requirements as well as address security concerns regarding fencing and pool coverage when not in use.

Your satisfaction level with your Above Ground Swimming Pool will depend upon the quality of equipment to keep it functioning properly. You will need a pump, filtration system, heater and chemicals to keep the water fresh and sparkling clean. Other accessories to consider in order to fully enjoy your Above Ground Pool installation include lighting both inside and around the pool area; maintenance tools such as skimmers to remove debris and thermometers to check water temperatures; pool covers to retain heat and eliminate falling debris entering the water overnight or when the pool is not in use; decking; landscaping; and chemicals to test that the water maintains a proper PH balance level for health and safety.

To minimize problems and frustrations and to maximize your enjoyment of owning an Above Ground Swimming Pool, the advice and guidance of a pool installation professional during the planning process can prove invaluable! Some study and planning ahead of time will help you choose the model and accessories that will have you swimming in no time!

Where to Buy Above Ground Swimming Pools

The summertime is coming, and many of us are thinking swimming pools. If you have a nice size yard you may want to invest in your own pool. You can find above ground swimming pools just about anywhere. You just need to know what you are looking for and where to look.

You can start your search for above ground swimming pools online. By simply opening up any search engine, you are already on your way to buy the best pool. You can determine the size, depth, and shape of your pool by looking around online. It is nice to know what is available, and seeing an image online is the best way to start.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend on a pool will determine what kind you can get and where you can buy it. There are a lot of local pool places that sell swimming pools that are built to last. They come in any depth and length. Some of these pools even have built in water fountains. They make a great addition to any backyard. I highly suggest getting an above ground pool from a professional pool place, especially if you want it to last a long time. Most of these pools are professionally installed, and are very sturdy. They even come with fences to go around them.Of coarse, these pools are a bit pricey, but it is a investment well worth it.

On the other hand, if you are not willing to spend a lot of money, you can go to your local department stores. There are a lot of above ground swimming pools that can be installed yourself, and cost almost nothing. They range in quality and in price. If you are looking for a place just to cool off for the summer, and not looking for a place to swim laps, than these may be the best thing for you. These pools are also great for temporary places. For example, if you rent a home instead of owning one, you may not want to spend the money it costs to get a pool put in professionally. These above ground swimming pools serve their purpose, and can be easily assembled.

No matter what your budget is, there is a swimming pool out there for you, and finding them is easier than ever. Just look up pool places online, or even by directly from the internet. Once you decide what type of pool you want, it is so much easier to shop for them.

Three Reasons to Own an Above Ground Swimming Pool

Summer and swimming seem to go hand in hand and it is becoming more common to see more people buying swimming pools for there homes. If you are thinking of purchasing a swimming pool, you have two choices. The first is having a swimming pool built or you can buy one of the quality above ground swimming pools that are on the market. In this article I will give you three reasons why you should purchase an above ground model instead of having a below ground swimming pool built.

If you look at the cost of a below ground swimming pool, you will find that $20,000 dollars is a conservative estimate, some times you can get away with less, however the less you pay the smaller your pool will be. You can buy one of the quality above ground swimming pools for probably a tenth of what you would pay for a below ground model.

If you want the option of being able to put your pool where you want when you want, then a above ground pool is what you need. If you have an below ground pool once you pick a location for it that is where it has to stay. Even if you do not have a lot of room you will still have the option of keeping your pool set-up or you can take it down, that is also not an option with an below ground pool. When you purchase one of the quality above ground swimming pools, the choice becomes yours.

Maintenance is easier:
When you have a below ground swimming pool you have to maintain it all year long in order to keep it looking good. That requires scrubbing and continuous patching of cement. On the other hand owning one of the above ground swimming pool will allow you to maintain it only for the summer season, if that is when you plan to use it. There is a lot less fuss involved with having an above ground pool. With some models of above ground pools, you also have the option of taking it down at the end of the swim season.

Owning one of the above ground swimming pools will give you options and advantages that you could never have with a below ground pool. You may be someone who does not want to take your above ground pool down once you put it up, if that is so, then that is great because you can always design a frame around your above ground pool that will look great. No matter how you look at it, an above ground pool is the way to go.

How To Buy An Above Ground Swimming Pool

There are several steps to take before purchasing an above-ground swimming pool:
1. Measure the area of the location where the above ground pool will be installed
2. Determine the size of the above ground pool desired
3. Choose a quality above ground pool liner, vacuum and a season’s supply of chemicals
4. Purchase a safety gate if one is not included

The Area of the Location of the Pool
Choose an area to install the above ground swimming pool that averages at least 8 full hours of sunlight and is not located in close proximity to large trees and shrubs. The measurements for the pool will be determined by the size and shape of the pool. Most above ground pools are configured by the total gallons of water volume inside the pool and the shape, i.e., round, rectangular or oval. Generally, above ground pools can range in water volume from 10,000 gallons to 36,000 gallons in sizes from 12 to 36 feet in diameter for round pools. Rectangular pools begin at around 8 feet wide by 12 feet long and can range up to sizes similar to an inground pool. The “Bed” of the pool should be prepared in advance of the pool installation. The bed is made up of a layer of smooth sand that has been evenly sized to fit beneath the pool wall and liner which will rest on the surface of the sand. All jagged rocks should be removed from the soil before sand is dispersed. The pressure of the large volume of pool water can force any subsurface rocks to pop through the soil and damage the pool liner.

Pool Liners and Other Pool Parts
The next most important feature of an above ground swimming pool is the liner. The wall supports of an above ground pool are usually constructed of a heavy gauge aluminum. A heavy-gauge vinyl liner is placed over these wall supports. A gasketing of narrow vinyl capping is laid over the liner before installing the top rails that secure the liner in place. The top rails are connected to each other by a series of “caps” held in place by bolts and screws. An above ground pool may also be installed by professional pool installers. There is little installation of the pool filter which may filter with the use of sand, activated charcoal or diatomaceous earth for filtration media.