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Hot Tub Chemicals Guide

Taking Care Of Your Spa Are You Using The Right Hot Tub Chemicals Having your own hot tub is a privilege that not all of us have. So if you are one of the lucky ones who do, taking care of your hot tub so it will last for years to come is something that… Read More »

Suction Side Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

I can tell you from experience that there is nothing more daunting then having to manually vacuum your swimming pool. Especially when it’s hot and you really want to go swimming. You sometimes spend hours getting your pool vacuum set up then slowly moving it across the bottom of your pool until it’s all clean… Read More »

Robotic Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

You want to go swimming and you vacuumed your pool the day before so you think you are ready to go. You go outside and hold your nose to plunge into your pool and you realize that it’s dirty again. This can be very frustrating especially since you just vacuumed your swimming pool the day… Read More »

Portable Hot Tub Guide

Look for Respected Brands When Portable Hot Tub Shopping Portable Hot Tubs are making it more convenient and more affordable for everyone to have the luxury of a spa in their own backyard. Because Portable Hot Tubs are constructed of one piece, designed to be lightweight but durable, they can be moved to assorted locations… Read More »

Swimming Pool Chemicals Guide

Learn How To Take Care of Your Pool Where to Buy Swimming Pool Chemicals My husband and I purchased an above ground swimming pool 3 years ago from Wal-mart. We purchased the larger one. It is a 24 x 48. We have enjoyed our pool greatly but over the years have found that the chemicals… Read More »

Swimming Pool Covers Guide

The Difference Between Mesh and Solid Winter Safety Swimming Pool Covers In my experience an adequate swimming pool cover must not only be aesthetically pleasing, but should also be able to withstand inclement weather that can cause havoc to your garden or back yard. While solid swimming pool covers are hardy enough, they also tend… Read More »

Hayward Super Pump SP2610X15 1 1/2 Horse Power Pool Pump

If your pool pump is making horrible sounds that could wake up the neighbors, it may be time to start shopping around for a replacement pump.  The Hayward Super Pump SP2610X15 1-1/2-Horse Power Pool Pump comes from a company that is very well known in the pool supply industry.  Hayward has a history of providing… Read More »

Hayward Pool Pumps for Sale

Swimming pools is one great source of recreation and relaxation in summer. People tired of heat and everyday routines of their lives love to take break in private swimming pools in comfort of their homes. Likewise, children love to play for longer hours in pools especially in summer. This is why prices of swimming pool… Read More »

Hayward Pool Pump Warranty

Have you ever found it difficult to keep your pool water safe and clean? Most of the people feel that it is a tiring and a time consuming process. In fact, a few years back I was also carrying the same impression and was having serious problem with my pool. The filtration system was the… Read More »