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Robotic Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

You want to go swimming and you vacuumed your pool the day before so you think you are ready to go. You go outside and hold your nose to plunge into your pool and you realize that it’s dirty again. This can be very frustrating especially since you just vacuumed your swimming pool the day… Read More »

Swimming Pool Chemicals Guide

Learn How To Take Care of Your Pool Where to Buy Swimming Pool Chemicals My husband and I purchased an above ground swimming pool 3 years ago from Wal-mart. We purchased the larger one. It is a 24 x 48. We have enjoyed our pool greatly but over the years have found that the chemicals… Read More »

How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water

Cloudy pool water can occur overnight. Oftentimes, pool owners will go for a late night swim in beautifully clear water and wake up with cloudy water they wouldn’t even dip their toes into. Why does this occur? Let’s investigate the many reasons why pool water becomes cloudy and how to clear cloudy pool water quickly… Read More »

How to Shock a Pool the Right Way

As owner or maintainer with pool, you must know when and how to shock a pool. This is a method of ensuring that a pool is clean from unsightly algae or other contaminants that can make pool water unpleasant to swim in. Tips Before Shocking Pools should be shocked every 1 – 2 weeks. Buy and… Read More »