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Are You Using The Right Hot Tub Chemicals

Having your own hot tub is a privilege that not all of us have. So if you are one of the lucky ones who do, taking care of your hot tub so it will last for years to come is something that you want to make sure happens. And in order to keep it working for a long time, you have to keep proper maintenance and care of your hot tub.

You need to use the right hot tub chemicals to safely remove the bacteria that might be lurking in the water. Like the natural body oils from your skin and sweat that get into the water. Tanning lotion is also what can get into the water by sunbathing and then immediately getting into the hot tub. The right hot tub chemicals for this situation is to make sure that you use a good water purifier to help break down the the oils, sweat, and any other oils that may be present and remove them from the water.

The jets that cause the pressure in the hot tub, causes foam to form on the water. Not taking care of the foam problem could mean trouble. So to prevent the foam from forming in the first place, use a chemical with an anti-foaming agent to keep it under control. If there is already foam formed there are other chemicals that are fast acting that will take care of this problem.

Hard water and lime deposits can ruin the pipework by clogging your hot tub and will also make the water dirty and looking dingy. This can be really bad and very expensive to fix if left untreated. The right hot tub chemicals for this problem is a specialist cleaner that will break down the deposits and flush them away leaving your hot tub clean and clog free.

There are many brand name products that you can use for your hot tub to keep it bacteria free. You need to keep the water at a proper pH level of 7.2 and 7.6. You will need to put the right chemicals and to check the water pH levels on a daily basis to keep the water and yourself in a healthy state. So you can enjoy your hot tub and keep it running and clean for many many years. Your family will thank you for it and you will be glad that you put the time and energy into it.

What Kind of Hot Tub Chemicals Do You Need For Your Spa

When owning a hot tub, it is very important for the water to be clean and healthy. They require care and maintenance to keep them at their best working condition. There are many hot tub chemicals that are needed to keep them running. The maintenance of hot tubs can easily be done by regular testing of the water. Test kits will measure the chemicals of the water and indicate what needs to be added to keep the water balanced.

Sanitizing your hot tub water with hot tub chemicals is the most important part of the maintenance that you can do. This will kill any bacteria found in the water. Since you do not drain the water after using it each time, sanitizing is the best way to keep the water clean and bacteria out. To find out if your hot tub needs sanitizer, you will need to test the levels using test strips. These strips will measures the levels of bromine, chlorine and minerals as well as the pH and calcium levels. The test will indicate what kind of sanitizer is needed and how much to add.

Most hot tub owners know chlorine as the primary sanitizer that is used in pools. It is also a hot tub chemical, but it is used in different concentrations. There are tablets and granules made just for hot tubs.

Mineral systems are also used to help keep hot tubs sanitized and free of contamination. These systems are usually put inside the filter cartridge or are contained in a floating device where they slowly release sanitizers. Many owners tend to use these systems because they have lower levels of bromine and chlorine.

Shock oxidizers are also very important for hot tubs in that they oxidize the water and kill any organic matter found in the water. Shocking the water each week will kill any growing bacteria and prevent the water from becoming cloudy and clogged. There are two types of shock that work well with a hot tub: chlorine and non-chlorine.

It is important to keep the pH level of your hot tub balanced. If they are not, the water can become too acidic or too alkaline. Both of which can cause problems for your hot tub. A test strip can also be used to check the pH level. At the time you are changing the water, you can add a pH product will help balance the water until the next time the water is changed.

Do You Need To Add Hot Tub Chemicals To Your Spa?

When you sink down into your hot tub spa at the end of a busy day, you want to sigh “aah” in relief, not “Ugh” in embarassment. Adding the right Hot Tub Chemicals to your home spa will go a long way to keeping the water clean, safe and sanitary. But just what Hot Tub Chemicals are essential for maintaining your home spa?

Sanitizers are important to add to your spa water on a regular basis. These work to disinfect the spa water and maintain a safe level of purity. The more bathers that frequent your spa, the more bacteria that breeds in the spa’s hot water environment, so ongoing sanitizing is essential.

Adjusting chemicals that balance the spa water’s levels of acidity (pH) and total alkalinity (TA) are another important chemical category. Having your spa water properly balanced will help reduce corrosion of the metal parts of your equipment and damage to pump motors and heaters, causing them to wear out more quickly, resulting in more expense to you.

Chemical Cleaners that flush the inside of your spa’s plumbing system help remove accumulated deposits of dirt, scum, and film, helping to keep your tub, spa cover and filters in like new condition.

Enzyme-based water Clarifiers are another important Hot Tub Chemical to use on a regular basis. These help to keep the spa water crystal clear and fresh. Clarifying chemicals help to clear cloudy or murky water, eliminate the accumulation of oils, dirt and scum, as well as help remove unwanted metals out of the water so that your filtration system can work at maximum capacity.

The Shock category of chemicals works to break down organic contaminents that accumulate in the water such as oils. By breaking down this organic matter, your disinfectant chemicals will work more efficiently, and you will eliminate the problem of odors and water cloudiness.

Other available Hot Tub Chemicals are not essential for spa safety but can provide a more pleasant and healthy spa experience. These include: Defoamers to remove surface foam from the water and help prevent new foam build-up; leak sealers to seal plumbing components and shell leaks; softening agents that include natural ingredients like aloe to help soften the water and the body’s skin during spa usage; and fragrance blends which can be added to the spa water to help mask any chemical odors while it provides for a pleasant aromatherapy experience while enjoying the hot tub.

Where To Buy Hot Tub Chemicals

Many people who have hot tubs and pools know how hard it can be to keep them clean and the water balanced with the right amount of chemicals. Too many chemicals and there is the risk of over drying skin and bleaching materials. Too few chemicals, however and there is the risk dirty water and health issues associated with swimming and relaxing in dirty water. This is especially true if you own a hot tub, as the water gets hotter than in a pool and it can often be a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria if not properly treated. It’s important for every hot tub owner to know where to buy hot tub chemicals before they make the decision to buy a hot tub.

For most new hot tub owners, getting the proper balance in the water is the most difficult, so it might really be useful to choose to buy a hot tub from a company or store that also has water treatment experts working there. This way, they can refer the new hot tub owner to the proper kinds of chemicals to apply to suit their individual needs. The hot tub chemicals that an owner should apply can vary depending on location and condition of the water they are using for their hot tub, so it’s usually a good idea to have an expert analyze the water that is going to be used before adding any chemicals.

Once a hot tub owner has a good idea of the hot tub chemicals they need for their hot tub, it can often be a matter of price shopping to get the best deal. It’s important to make sure that any hot tub chemicals an owner uses contain the same ingredients as the original chemicals, however, so that should be kept in mind when bargain hunting. Often, hot tub owners can go online to get really great discounts on everything they need for their hot tubs, including chemicals. Since many places that sell hot tub chemicals online don’t have nearly the overhead as the local pool and hot tub store, hot tub owners might find their products to be less expensive.

It’s important when buying hot tub chemicals, however, to remember that sometimes, it doesn’t pay to go cheap. For many hot tub owners, it’s more valuable to buy all the products that they need for their hot tub from the place where they bought their hot tub. This way, the hot tub owner can feel confident that they are getting professionally recommended products for their relaxing investment.

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