Suction Side Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

I can tell you from experience that there is nothing more daunting then having to manually vacuum your swimming pool. Especially when it’s hot and you really want to go swimming. You sometimes spend hours getting your pool vacuum set up then slowly moving it across the bottom of your pool until it’s all clean or until you’ve decided that enough is enough and you just want to swim.

The good news is you can buy yourself an automatic pool vacuum so that you don’t have to manually vacuum your swimming pool anymore. And there are three types of automatic vacuums but we are going to talk about the oldest and most cost effective pool vacuum method, the suction side automatic pool cleaner.

Its operation is pretty much determined in the name. It uses the power of suction to lift dirt and debris off the bottom of your swimming pool. It does this by hooking up to your swimming pool’s filter and pump (much like your manual pool vacuum). The cleaner, once hooked up, slowly moves around the bottom of your swimming pool lifting dirt off the bottom and into your pump letting your filter clean up the mess.

It works the same way as your manual vacuum except with this automatic pool vacuum you just leave it in the pool and it does the rest. You can leave it in your pool until it’s done and you can also swim in your pool while it’s working so you don’t have to wait.

The benefits to a pool vacuum like this means you won’t have to empty a filter bag attached to the cleaner because it does not have one. All of the dirt and debris is filtered out by your swimming pool’s pump and filter. Also it’s the most inexpensive automatic pool vacuum on today’s market. That’s because it employs the same method of vacuuming as your manual vacuum.

However there are some disadvantages of having a suction side pool cleaner. One is that it does use your filter to clean and because of that your swimming pool will need to run in order for it to work. Also now you have to trust your filter to get out all the mess, which it may or may not do. And you must be careful of large objects and rocks because whatever your cleaner sucks up goes into your pump and filter or if it gets blocked by a large object it could burn out your pump motor.

Even though there are good and bad things about this cleaner (as there are with the others) the main thing is it frees you up from one more chore in your house and it’s the cheapest of all automatic pool vacuums.

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